New Website!

We have a new website and a new logo for our community. Go Smalltalk!

Smalltalk was designed for Kids!

Yes! Alan Kay was trying to develop an environment to be used in the education of our kids.

Did you Know that Smalltalk was created in 70's at Xerox?

The use of the mouse, the "copy and paste", the bitblt and others technologies was firstly created in Smalltalk. Steve Jobs saw those ideas at Xerox and he developed a new language, Objective-C.

Mailing List in Spanish!

Please, go to and join us!

September 10, 2006

Welcome to ClubSmalltalk!

ClubSmalltalk is a non-profit organization which congregates Smalltalk programmers and enthusiastics. In 2006, we are going a step forward with this new website. The big idea behind this website is to provide a source of information about Smalltalk in general.The Smalltalk community has not good sources of information, or they're all over the net, and sometimes it's difficult to find them. 
If you want to contribute, you're welcome!