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February 21, 2012

Call for Submission on Special issue on "Advances in Dynamic Languages"

Special issue on "Advances in Dynamic Languages". Special issue of Elsevier's Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)


Over recent years we have seen an increased interest in dynamic programming languages such as Smalltalk, Lisp, Scheme, PHP, JavaScript, Self, Python, Ruby, and so on. These languages have taken a prominent role in teaching, web development, scripting, rapid prototyping, tool building, language engineering, and many other domains.
For this special issue we invite high-quality papers that focus on novel research related to dynamic programming languages and applications of these languages.

We are interested in research that uses dynamic languages in the context of, but not restricted to:
  • Aspects, aspect Languages and applications.
  • Ambient intelligence, ubiquitous / pervasive computing and embedded systems.
  • Compilation technology, optimization, virtual machines.
  • Language engineering, extensions.
  • Model-driven engineering / development.
  • Meta-modeling, reflection and meta-programming.
  • Programming in the large; design, architectures and components.
  • Programming environments, browsers, user interfaces, UI frameworks.
  • Source-code analysis and manipulation (static analysis, refactoring, type inference, metrics).
  • Testing, eXtreme Programming / practices.
  • Web services, internet applications, event-driven programming.
  • Experience reports.
The special issue is associated with the Smalltalks 2011 conference. The Smalltalks series of conferences ( is a lively forum on Smalltalk-based software technologies that brings together more than 200 people from both academia and industry for a period of three days.
Submission Guidelines

Papers should be written in English, in PDF-format and should not exceed 25 pages (including references and figures), using the Elsevier journal format. The LaTeX template for this format can be found at

Papers must be submitted through the EES submission system located at When reaching the "Article type" step in the submission process, it is important to select "Special issue: Advances in Dynamic Languages".

Each paper will be reviewed by at least 3 experts within the domain. The accepted papers will be published in a special edition of Elsevier's Science of Computer Programming.

Papers submitted must not have been previously published (at least 30% new material) and must not be under review for publication elsewhere. Papers must strictly adhere to submission guidelines. If you have questions, please send an e-mail to Jannik
Laval ( and Andy Kellens (

Important dates (tentatively)
- Submission round 1: March 16, 2012
- Feedback round 1: May 17, 2012
- Submission round 2: June 29, 2012
- Feedback round 2 (final notification): August 17, 2012
- Camera ready version: September 14, 2012

Guest editors
- Andy Kellens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
- Jannik Laval (LaBRI Bordeaux, France)