New Website!

We have a new website and a new logo for our community. Go Smalltalk!

Smalltalk was designed for Kids!

Yes! Alan Kay was trying to develop an environment to be used in the education of our kids.

Did you Know that Smalltalk was created in 70's at Xerox?

The use of the mouse, the "copy and paste", the bitblt and others technologies was firstly created in Smalltalk. Steve Jobs saw those ideas at Xerox and he developed a new language, Objective-C.

Mailing List in Spanish!

Please, go to and join us!

April 28, 2010

New Smalltalk website,

Geert Claes has announced a new Smalltalk website, It has a nice and clear design. The website shows information about Smalltalk, the different distributions, access to the major mailing communities and a calendar with events. 
Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Pharo Sprint in Argentina

Alexandre Bergel is organizing a Pharo Sprint during May 17 and May 23 in Argentina. An entry has been added to the page Please, add your name if you wish to participate. The date and the location hasn't been defined yet. Some people proposed to do it in Rosario instead of Buenos Aires. There are two doodle to define the day and the location: