July 5, 2010

Gaucho, a direct manipulation environment for programmers in Pharo

Fernando Olivero has announced the first release of Gaucho, a direct manipulation software for Pharo Smalltalk for programmers who firmly believe that programming is modelling. This version provides:
  • Direct manipulation of Classes, methods and packages
  • Easily perform rename refactorings of classes and methods
  • Draggable arrows for manipulating the inheritance relationships between classes
  • Creating and runing tests for all the classes in the system
  • Creating workspaces for taking snapshots of the current pampas
  • Smart searching for any object in the system
  • Keyboard shortcuts associated to the most important operations
  • Logging all the changes to the system
  • Saving/Loading developers and workspaces to the default local directory
You can get more information at the Gaucho's website: http://gaucho.inf.usi.ch/
You can see a screencast here, that shows most of the features of Gaucho.

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