January 16, 2011

Cuis 3.0 available

Juan Vuletich has announced the new version of Cuis. Download it from here.

New in Cuis 3.0

New Look!

  • Themes. Several themes included, plus, you can add your own.
  • A nice default theme, using gradientes, rounded corners, anti-aliasing, nicer buttons, embossed labels, desktop background.
  • Anti-aliased halos
  • Window icons (taken from Squeak)
  • New, friendlier Shout color specs
New TextMorphs
  • Real view - model separation
  • Removed StringHolder
  • Text model holds current text + optional text provider (for accept / cancel)
  • Simpler code, easier to extend.
Enhancements to
  • Color
  • Layouts
  • Misc minor tweaks and fixes
  • Many fixes and enhancements from Squeak

Here are some opinions about Cuis:

"Yay, Juan. You GO, guy! ...a great example of malleable software (and a clever mind) at work." -- Dan Ingalls

"I like it... It's nice and clean and simple and pretty. Nice stuff!" -- Alan Kay

"I think you have a very elegant design aesthetic." -- John Maloney

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